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Simple ways of introducing essential oils into your yoga practice.

Two things that are of great importance in my life are yoga and healthy living.

my home studio    <<<<< My home studio

If you come to my yoga class you will definitely smell the difference from any other yoga class you have gone to.  I use essential oils on my hands as I do adjustments throughout the class, I use them to clean my mats, the floors, the nice cool cloths I hand out at the end of each class, and they are diffusing before, during and after the class as well!

My classes are well planned out and the scents I choose, hopefully create a class for optimal health.

Generally this is what it looks like…..

1.  Lemon, wild orange and peppermint, peppermint, grapefruit – 1 or 2 drops into my water before a practice.  Has many benefits including detoxification and uplifting properties to start a practice right!!


2.  Frankincense – at the beginning of the practice while centring and working on breath helps with cell regeneration and is a powerful cleanser of spiritual darkness.

3. Bergamot – inhale from hands and apply to the heart area before the ‘main body’ of the practice (after warm up and sun salutations).  Bergamot encourages balance, strength and confidence.

4.  Juniper Berry – supports kidney detoxification and may assist with healthy circulation.  Use before seated postures, 1 or 2 drops in your hands inhale and then rub on your lower back.

5.  Lavender – 1 or 2 drops in your hands, rub together then massage your scalp and then your neck before you take your final resting savasana.

This is just one of HUNDREDS of combinations and possibilities!  Essential oils have a plethora of uses and benefits.  Contact me anytime if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help you begin your journey or assist the path you are already on for better health and wellness.




My Mom The Naked Yoga Teacher

My Mom The Naked Yoga Teacher.

Why naked yoga?! The questions are (almost) always the same.


You teach WHAT?! What about downward dog?  Why?! Im scared. Im fat/flat/old/hairy/cellulite-y/droopy/scarred/no good at yoga/.… (whatever the adjective).  I bet only toned sexy yogis go! Are the lights on? Really the questions, reactions, conversations are ENDLESS… and I love it!!

So I ask ….. Aren’t you tired of looking in the mirror and feeling those negative feelings?  Wouldn’t you like to feel free?  Feel powerful?

Everyone wants to feel unique in their lives EXCEPT when it comes to our bodies.  Thing is we THINK we are unique, but really we aren’t and I don’t mean that to sound negative.  We all have scars, marks, bumps, lumps…. things.  As we look around the room before, during or after the class we see the confident person with a bigger scar, or smaller breasts and we start to think “if they are confident – I should be too”.  We also see the body we used to have, or the body we may have later.  And that is amazing – for women, we may have had children and remember the young body that we had when we loved our lovers and now celebrate the scars and marks our children have given us.   There are scars that tell stories too – appendix scar, c-section scar, heart attack scars… not to mention the ones on our legs we got when we crashed our bikes or some other fun adventure.

I tell people that part of the reason I do naked yoga is to react against these ideals of perfection.  We have such high and unattainable standards of what our bodies should look like.  We shouldn’t feel inadequate, insecure or dissatisfied with ourselves.  Our bodies are a wonderful miracle granted to us as human beings, and we spend far too much time criticizing them, finding them in shame and fear.  We need to love, honour and delight in what our bodies have to offer us.

Benefits of Naked Yoga

It started as a part of Indian yoga philosophy where members would undress themselves both physically and spiritually from all material possessions, sexual desires and anything physical of this world. So freeing!!


Naked yoga then trailed to Europe through naturist movements in Germany and Switzerland and to North America in the early 60’s building a bit of steam from the hippie movement. It was even depicted in serval movies from the 60’s and 70’s!


1. Feeling Good. Feel good about your body. One of the key aspects of one’s self-esteem is body acceptance. Achieving that is tough when your mind is flooded with the media’s images of what society is lead to believe is beautiful. What if you saw for yourself what other people look like naked and could see they have exactly what you have – every lump, bump, scar or mark? It may be bigger or smaller but we all have them! There would be so much less to feel embarrassed about!! Isn’t that feeling worth owning?!

2. Feeling Proud. Feelings like embarrassment, shame, fear and other negative emotions are socially constructed emotions. We are taught we should feel these, wouldn’t it be great to not feel them about our bodies?

3. Feeling Free. When you dispose of everything and present yourself fully to the world you’ll feel free. You might also feel free from liberating yourself from social restraints against nudity. Clothing by design seperates us, removing it helps remove social barriers – even for only a moment.

4. Be Present. Yoga is about being with you on your mat. Not your shirt that keeps bunching up, or your thong wedgie, or waist band pinching you. Removing your clothes forces you to feel your body as it moves, your breath as breathe it. It forces you to pay attention to you.

5. Re-connect. In a world that is moving at warp speed we forget we need other people. We need to see them, hear them, feel them (ok not in naked yoga class except adjustments from the teacher) The earth with hold our fragile selves and we will prove to ourselves that we are strong and safe and beautiful and powerful.


1. SELF-ESTEEM. Accepting one’s body as it is, is half-way into accepting one in overall and valuing the person that you are.

2. HAVING FUN. Practicing naked yoga can bring back the amazing feeling of when you were young and carefree and running in the backyard or beach fully naked.

3. SEX, SEXY AND SEXUALITY. We you see a person you consider sexy and you look closer and see they have the same lumps and bumps as you do, you will start to see yourself the same way. You will feel good about your sexual identity – accepting your social part as a man or a women and feel comfortable in your own skin. Naked yoga can help you regain intimacy with your partner, a far greater component in successful relations that just good sex.

My Mom The Naked Yoga Teacher

Just love you my girl!