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The nudist, the curious and the terrified

Every week I have two or three new people attending my classes or coming for private sessions with me.  There seem to be three types of people that come… 1) the nudists, 2) the curious and 3) the terrified.

The nudists – just love being naked, whats not to love?!  Our bodies are amazing – what they do AND how they look.  Yoga is a great way to get some exercise and meet like minded people.

The curious – is it really just yoga?  who goes to this ‘naked yoga thing’? Could I actually DO naked yoga?! YUP, its really just yoga, people of all kinds go and I can actually DO naked yoga!!  Some are satisfied with that and come once or twice and that is it.  Usually though, they are hooked and add it in to their regular fitness regime.

Then there is the terrified.  I love this group – I mean, I love ALL yogis very much, this group though, is extremely impressive.  They are terrified of SO many things…. their bodies, their fitness level, their friends finding out… the list is endless.  Sometimes they email me for weeks before coming to a class.  I can feel the anxiety as they come through the door but the second I say “let me show you around” one of my regular yogis fires off “you’re new?! Great, Im ‘so and so'” and start showing them around!!

Some of the terrified don’t want to get undressed, they are pushing themselves to overcome body issues, self esteem issues, physical issues and mental issues.  In my class I start by explaining the clothes by design separate us.  Walmart brand vs Lulu, McDonalds uniform vs suit and tie, cop uniform vs bank robber mask.  When we walk outside the internal dialogue starts for some “she’s better, he’s better, they are better” at the end of the day when we are all standing in Tadasana naked……. we are all the same.  We have all the same parts.  We need to look at our own and love our own parts.

Looking around at the people in the room with the same scars, lumps, bumps, marks, curves gives us power, we draw from the strength of others and provide them with the same!  We stop giving the negative self talk the power it needs and provide so much positive energy when we look around and tell ourselves we are fabulous because we really are!! The scar you got when you fell out of the tree and makes you feel stupid?!  Someone else sees it and is so proud of you for going that high and surviving a fall – how brave you must be!

Scars, marks, lumps, bumps, tattoos – they all tell stories.  Be proud of yours, after all it makes you just who you are. You are so great.

Love and Light



Thank you

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