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One on one yoga classes?

my home studio


Just the two of us.

Yoga students choose the personal contact of a private naked yoga class for a WIDE range of reasons.  Some yogis come for a bigger challenge, classes don’t always do inversions or binds or other advances asana.  Some just prefer to just learn yoga asana in an environment that is less intimidating.  Others may be working through ‘issues’, body image, injuries, fear, grief, illness.

I try very hard to be prepared for solo sessions because they can bring up emotions from all sorts of traumas from all sorts of experiences.  Sexual situations and addictions being most common in my experience.

I provide a safe environment for them to breathe through the toughness, sometimes they are reliving some of that trauma and just having an hour to be with themselves on their mat is therapeutic. When it gets emotional, we have time to work through some of it with breath and movement.  Creating new space for better energy.  Uncomfortable, or ‘sensation’ is different than pain.  We can work through uncomfortable and sensation and different.  We need to stop before pain turns to injury.  We will emerge stronger.

Hands on adjustments are always offered in my classes and especially in my one on ones. I explain that I offer them and if they aren’t interested to just tell me, but sometimes its just that posture that they didn’t want to go deeper.  They are never nailed to a decision that they make and I ENCOURAGE touch.  Even though we are naked we can be touched in a safe, respectable, non sexual way that actually creates a deeper connection with ourselves.  When we realize that we are in control even when we are most vulnerable it creates a stronger self worth!  In this day and age, we are starved for human touch.

The opportunity to get immediate feedback allows me to assess what is happening in the moment.  Allowing for lower risk of injury, a deeper expression of the posture and a personalized approach to their practice.

Are you ready?


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    I really appreciate this share on private naked yoga classes and holding space for a safe and beneficial experience.



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