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If You Want to Be Productive, You Have to Rest

Source: If You Want to Be Productive, You Have to Rest

The rise of the collectors

The rise of the collectors

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Used to be social media was about sharing one’s experiences and memories with others through tweets pics and videos that captured those experiences and brought them into the digital sphere. Well get ready for the rising tide of collector accounts in social media. These account don’t share anything about the account holder. Rather they collect and repost stuff (primarily images) from other people.  This growing trend is particularly focused on images and videos of naked and partially undressed people.

With names like Get Your Ass in Nature, Bottomless Tour, Nudist Lover, Cheeky Guys, Naked Yoga Nebulae. These accounts social media platforms like Tumblr, Instagram and others invite you to send them your nude pictures so they can promote body freedom and you don’t have to worry about your account being compromised by the censors. The owners of those accounts rarely if ever post images of themselves they only put the…

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undressing my true self and my clothes free passions

undressing my true self and my clothes free passions

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Fall is here and winter is coming, and in some ways, that means that I am having to put on more layers: jackets, leggings, hats. I’ve been stubbornly avoiding closed-toed shoes, but as the temperature drops and the chill in the air raises the hair on my skin, I find I need to cover myself a little bit more every few weeks, and warm shoes are likely the next surrender. 

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Naked Yoga: My Cinderblock and Anchor in Truth

Naked Yoga: My Cinderblock and Anchor in Truth

Love this girl!!

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Photo 27-09-2015 09 23 38My naked yoga practice never gets old. In fact, the more I do it, the deeper it connects to all aspects of my life journey: physical, mental and spiritual. It has, over the past year, become my soul food, in fact, the foundation upon which I stand in the midst of storming changes.

One of my favorite pieces of literature is a book by TKV Desikachar called “The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice.” At first, I thought that this was the 900th book on poses and sequences for a physical home practice. To my joyful surprise, the personal practice described here is a much deeper work about the practice of the heart.

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Your opinion won’t change mine or anyone else’s.

So I may be way behind on the social media bandwagon, thats ok.  I just love Nicole Arbor – in fact, I wish I had been Vlogging rather than Blogging because seriously I have some of the same opinions as she does and could have made the exact same vlogs long ago!

I’ve been thinking about this for a bit and I love controversy – I mean, look what I do for a living.  I teach naked yoga for god sakes.  Controversy and attacks are daily, which is weird because the name says it all – NAKED. YOGA.  It doesn’t say naked yoga sex orgy fondle session.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that people have opinions and people VOICE those opinions.  I love that I have opinions and I can voice them.  I learned long ago that opinions are a dime a dozen.

What I would like to know is why is your opinion right?  Why can’t I have my own that is different from yours?  Why do you think that you have to change mine to match yours??  FOR EXAMPLE……..Why is that Whitney Thore felt that the ‘fat shaming’ video was directed at her and that she needed to attack Nicole and respond to it?

It doesn’t really matter because they both have opinions and they are both right – they are both right from their perspective.  What they don’t need to do is start name calling and making it personal.

I could try and guess your (the royal you, the collective you – everyone/anyone) reason for attacking until Im blue in the face (great – now I sound like my mother) but Im fairly certain that it is related to a trauma – maybe your mom didn’t hug you enough or maybe worse, maybe you were beaten or some other horrible thing.  Maybe not.  I don’t care.  Im just saying that whatever one person in a completely unrelated life says …. likely ISN’T ABOUT YOU!!

If you don’t like fat shaming videos – don’t go looking for them on the internet.  If you don’t like naked yoga – don’t go.  If you don’t like my blog – don’t read it.  Simple.

If your friends know fat shaming videos hurt your feelings and then they forward you said videos – maybe you need new friends.  I mean, why have someone like that in your life??  You wouldn’t let a bully hurt you…. your friends aren’t friends if they send you stuff that hurts your feelings, they are just bullies.

At the end of the day, you can’t control anyone just like no one can control you.

****This entire blog is my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of anyone else!!


“reminding people how great they are” – an interview w/ katherine medina of nakedyogayyc

“reminding people how great they are” – an interview w/ katherine medina of nakedyogayyc

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Introduction from hontouniheart:

I had the pleasure of conversing with Katherine Medina of NakedYogaYYC in Calgary, Alberta CANADA about her experience in practicing and teaching naked yoga.I appreciated so much of what Katherine shared in terms of the hurdles and resistance that came initially. Then she shared about thewonderful things that students experience now that the classes have been up and running for a while. I am so moved by Katherine’s journey, and I hope this lights you with inspiration as it did for me.

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